Shotokan Legacy Seminars IV

hoitsuganseminarssee below for details on the most recent groundbreaking international Shotokan-based camp.

March 26-30, 2014
Palo Alto, California, USA

For the fourth time, over a dozen instructors, all of whom lived and trained in Japan, are came together to teach as a collective unit.

Most of the instructors for this event trained directly with Nakayama Sensei prior to his passing in 1987. They lived in Japan for many years and are ready to share their experiences. This is the kind of event that can be invaluable to your own training.

Instructors from the Hoitsugan Seminars III (2008)

Instructors from the Hoitsugan Seminars III (2008)

These seminars are unparalleled in the karate world. Some of the best instructors from various organizations are coming together from far and wide to carry on a legacy — the legacy of Nakayama Sensei. You will see how some instructors focus exclusively on ideas and training methods they picked up in Japan, while others combine their Japan experience with other approaches to training and teaching. But from their experience living and training in Japan all of these instructors share one thing: a sense of obligation to pass on their personal insights into karate training. 


What took place at Shotokan Legacy Seminars IV…

  • Some sessions open to all ranks and ages

  • Some sessions restricted to black belt adults

Plenty of traditional Karate training, but lots more…

  • classes in yoga and breathing (non-martial artists welcome to attend)

  • a formal Q&A session with the instructors

  • plenty of chances to mingle with the instructors

Hoitsugan Seminars III (2008)

Hoitsugan Seminars III (2008)


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